The main thing is to keep in mind that PC gaming will always provide you with better quality than console gaming. Even though consoles are easier for new gamers but they don’t give them many choices . On the contrary, PCs allow you to enjoy variety of games and accessories by just buying one machine rather than two or more. This also allows you to upgrade your existing system if needed. Games like Witcher 3 require lots of space so even small PCs won’t be able to offer it unless they’re upgraded regularly (which isn’t possible). Gameplay experience is way much higher on PC when compared to PS4 or Xbox one as they offer better visuals and effects.

Key Components That You’ll Need To Consider While Building A PC For Gaming

  1. Processor (CPU)
  2. Memory (RAM)
  3. Graphics Card ( GPU)
  4. Interior Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  5. Cooling Exterior Case Look
  6. Hard Disk Space Optical Drive
  7. Operating System Monitor
  8. Motherboard

1. Processors: Intel or AMD?

AMD is cheaper but less powerful than Intel CPUs, although this can be changed with overclocking if your motherboard has such features. Processor speed doesn’t tell much about how fast it actually performs rather their cores count tells about the performance. For example i5 10400F is far weaker than AMD Ryzen 5900X because of its low core count at same frequency which leads to inferior results. On a contrary, i9 12900K is far better than AMD Ryzen 5 3000.

Intel Processors have a feature called hyper-threading which allows them to process more information per time unit as they have two FPUs (Floating Point Unit) per core while AMD processors don’t have this benefit. Moreover, most games use one or two cores and if we talk about older titles then they hardly use three cores. This leaves the fourth one to do extra work but it does it at a lower speed due to heavy load on third core . It’s like putting salt into our eyes and complaining that we can’t see properly (although that would be ridiculous). Hyper-Threading is also beneficial as it provides four threads for FPU’s single core.

2. Memory (RAM): How much is enough?

Best Gaming PCs are equipped with 8GB of RAM which is the standard nowadays, although you can buy 16GB if your budget allows it or if future games require more than 8GB. You can’t simply replace RAM with hard drive to make most out of your system as this would slow down your PC drastically for reasons that are mentioned later in this article.

3. Graphics Card(GPU): 6-7 year old GPU vs new one

It won’t be wrong to say that graphics cards are the heart of gaming PCs . Both mid-range and high end systems are equipped with better GPUs but their prices vary accordingly. For example most intel processors has a built in GPU but if you want to play Witcher 3 then it’ll be better to invest in a separate graphics card because the built-in GPU cannot handle such games. I would strongly recommend the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card to handle your graphics related stuff.

When we talk about GPUs, people usually focus on their core count and clock frequency because those are the factors that affect performance the most . However, this is not completely true as memory type and speed also matters a lot (it’s like RAM again). GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate) has slightly better performance than DDR3 which allows you to play latest games at smooth frame rates. Moreover, higher memory bandwidth means that GPU can transfer more information per time unit thus leading to improved results. Still, other components such as motherboard should be upgraded as well for getting complete benefits from new GPU. However , you can get better performance from older GPUs when compared to new ones because of improved drivers that allow you to enjoy the games more.

Using an old GPU with a new motherboard and CPU is not a good idea as it may lead to slowdowns due to lack of proper drivers, especially for integrated graphics cards which won’t be able to handle newer games without any problem. On contrary, if you have a decent Graphics card then overclocking your system will allow you to play most games at high frame rates unless they’re way too demanding. In case of integrated GPUs , there isn’t much benefit from overclocking but don’t forget that Intel’s latest Haswell CPUs have on-board GPUs that utilize eDRAM cache which helps in providing faster results while overclocking.

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4. Hard drive: SSD vs HDD

SSD (Solid State Drive) is way faster than mechanical hard drives which also affects overall performance of the system while playing games. While buying a new SSD bear in mind that their write speed differs from one model to another mostly because of random writing speeds that are low for some models while they’re high on others even if their read speeds are the same. Another important factor about SSDs is memory size which matters a lot because it directly affects maximum speed of your system . If your budget allows, you should buy at least 512GB, although this can be increased with overclocking or through switches between fast PCI-E cards like M2, PCIE etc.

5. Operating System: Which OS would be the best for gaming

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are good for gaming but because of its faster booting time, new GPU technologies (DX12) etc. Windows 11 is better than Windows 10 for gaming . I also heard that operating system you should use depends on the game too but this has never been tested. It’s up to you which OS you’d like to use but bear in mind that AMD cards perform better under Linux while NVIDIA cards work better with Microsoft products (no clue about other companies). You can download different types of Linux distributions according to your needs; Ubuntu being the most popular one among them.

6. Power Supply Unit: How much Wattage do I?

Game consoles don’t need high wattage power supplies because they don’t require that much power to run. As a result, most of the people just go for cheap PSU which actually affects system performance badly . When building a PC, you need to focus on buying a good quality power supply with high wattage preferably at least 600 or more because modern GPUs use a lot of power and if your PSU isn’t capable enough then it will bottleneck your whole system resulting in slowdowns during gaming sessions. It was observed during testing that GTX 770 performed better on 450W PSU rather than 750W so if you have an efficient GPU as well as other components then whatever PSU is mentioned as minimum requirement by the manufacturer should be bought.

7. PC Case : How important is the case?

Well just like PSU, people don’t spend much on PC cases because they think that it doesn’t affect performance. If your case isn’t good enough then you won’t be able to cool down your system properly resulting in overheating which leads to slowdowns . There are few things you should consider while buying a new PC case.

How will you place the motherboard?

Make sure that there is sufficient distance between power supply and motherboard to avoid heating issues. Also make sure that all components can be easily placed inside the case.

Number of fans

Dedicating one fan for GPUs alone is not enough, air needs to circulate properly inside the case or else overheating might occur which causes slowdowns . So buy a case that has at least 2-3 fans integrated in it. -Size of the case : Buy a small sized case to easily place them everywhere, towers are better than cubicals because they’re easier to cool down.

8. Monitor: How much should I spend on monitor?

Well there are two types of monitors i.e. cheap and expensive ones which are available everywhere including online stores like Amazon or eBay . If you want to play games at higher resolutions then buy an expensive monitor but make sure it supports your resolution otherwise overall performance will decrease while playing games . Also check your budget before buying a new monitor because there are many good monitors available in the market with different price tags ranging from $200 up to $800. You can also connect your monitor with your TV, although it will cost you a bit more but overall performance won’t be affected.

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9. Mouse and Keyboard : Which one would be better for gaming?

Well this is completely up to you because some people prefer buying expensive mice and keyboards whereas others just buy cheap ones . This doesn’t affect system performance at all so if you don’t care about looks then feel free to buy any types of mice or keyboards according to your preference . You can also use gamepads if keyboard controls are not good enough for you in certain games. However, there are few advantages of using high-end devices like Razor , Logitech etc. They’re very comfortable than normal cheap mice and keyboards available in the market with same price tag.

10. MotherBoard: Which mother board should I buy?

Mother boards are available in different sizes for example micro ATX, ATX or even E-ATX. It’s good to go with bigger motherboards because they’re more efficient than smaller ones . Also make sure that all components you’re going to install inside your PC have necessary ports on the motherboard if not then they won’t work properly. There are many brands of motherboards available which support almost all types of processors and RAMs but which one is better is completely up to you, just research a bit about them before buying one . It’s a very important part so always check reviews from reliable sources before buying it.

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So these were the best tips for gamers which will improve your overall performance while playing games. Make sure to follow them properly. First assess your budget and then buy the components according to it without overspending because spending too much money on components won’t increase performance but decrease it .

Also tell us which of these components you’re planning to purchase for your new gaming rig in the comments section below. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article then feel free to ask me by commenting down below, I will reply as soon as possible.

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