Mainly, people always ask what is a high end pc. If you are planning to upgrade your PC or maybe getting your first one, you probably search for different devices and their purposes, look for the pros and cons of every device you lay your eyes on, peeking into your wallet, and then have a look at the price tag with a longing in your eyes, but have you noticed the word ‘High-end’ popping up often in a variety of articles? Have you ever asked yourself ‘What is a high-end PC?’

I have, and if your brain is also as curious as mine when it comes to the gadgets and advancing technology of the 21st century, is looking for answers about everything new it discovers and is now seeking information about the high-end computers, you are at the right place.

Take the example of a car: we have ordinary cars, luxurious cars, and racing cars. Sure, they all work when you want to move from one place to another, but some are more powerful than others and get the best features that justify their price tags. The racing cars win when it comes to speed and power, the luxury cars will never compromise on the comfort of the passengers, while the ordinary ones will try their best to provide basic functions without being too heavy on the pocket.

Let us take this example and apply it to computers. Not all of them are the same, some work better than others. Some will give speed while others will provide a longer battery life. But, those who win as the most powerful ones will get the ‘Pass’ to the High-end category. A computer that will give you high-speed performances, plays all of the latest games with a stunning display, and works for years, can be considered a High-end PC. In short, the term “high end” refers to the ability to play games at high settings at least 1080p with ease.

The main reason people choose high-end machines is to safeguard their future by ensuring that they will perform well and last long unless they are really rich and have no other place to spend their money.

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You can either build a High-end PC or buy one. Picking the ideal one for you might be a question of personal preference or simply going through the reviews. You’ll spend a bit more money purchasing a high-end PC than constructing one, but the main advantage is that the computers you can buy are designed with technology that’s been tested to perform consistently when combined. Furthermore, if something goes wrong with a bought PC, you may send it in for repair.

If your pocket allows or if you are a lazy person who wants everything ready-to-use, you can just go to a store or order the one that suits you best. But, if you’re going to build one,

What are the benefits of a high-end PC?

So now we know that this is an expensive device with powerful features to play heavy games smoothly, now it is time to talk about the benefits of a high-end PC.

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Best cooling

Because they are made to load and run heavy games without lagging, they are good at preventing the heating up of the PC.


These computers use replaceable components which makes them upgradable to the best specs available in the market.

High-speed performance

These machines are much faster and more efficient than others and will load your documents in a fraction of a second.

Display quality

A high-end PC is known for its amazing graphics and stunning display that will make it ten times more difficult to keep your eyes off the screen.

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How much does a high-end PC cost?

A high-end gaming PC may range in price from $600 to $5000. You can acquire one for less than $600, but performance may feel the brunt. A leading PC may also be purchased for $5000, although this is not needed for most users.

On average, people choose the ones between $800-1200.

If you’re planning to build your PC, let’s have a look at the cost of some of the stuff you’ll require.

Internal components

The motherboard (around $150 to $350), a processor (starting from $150), a cooling system (up to $200), RAM (for about $100) A GPU and graphic card (for up to 700), storage, PSU and power supply are the internal components you’ll need for your computer. Be careful when choosing these because they are going to define the whole performance of the device.

External components

Monitor, keyboard, mouse, audio, and a gaming desk are collectively going to cost you around $1000 or maybe more and these are the things you cannot skip or compromise on. If your budget allows, you can also opt for a PC case for the protection of your device and RGB lighting for a better gaming experience.

Best high-end PC in 2022

Some of the high-end PCs to purchase in 2022 are:

1. Lenovo Legion Tower 5i
2. Dell G5 Gaming Desktop
3. HP Omen 45L
4. Alienware Aurora R13
5. HP Omen 30L
6. Corsair One a200


A high-end PC, no doubt, is a fast and extraordinary device that will take your gaming experience to a next level. Also, if you’re into a profession that requires heavy specs you can opt for a high-end device that will last longer and work faster. But remember the example I gave in the beginning? You don’t buy a racing car if you are not a racer, think before you spend your cents on a gaming PC and ask yourself “Do I need it?” In a world where people are losing their jobs and dying of hunger, you need to think twice about what you do with the assets you own.

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