The difference between intel and AMD is the architectures of the CPUs. Intel CPUs have a ring architecture which means different functions are divided up into separate parts that run on different cores while AMD has 2-4 modules with sharing between them to do all their processing. There is more communication overhead with intel but it can handle heavier loads without overheating as much because there are more cores and separate sections to handle different things.

Intel is better than AMD because they have more money and resources to design their CPUs. Both companies make great processors but the reason Intel is arguably better than AMD is because it holds larger market share (currently around 80%). This allows them to be more profitable which in turn lets them spend more money on research and development that results in superior chips.

AMD has already lost the performance crown, they are just selling their processors cheaper now which makes them more cost effective but not better of quality. If you want to buy a cheap processor go with AMD otherwise you will be paying more for less power, no one is buying AMD processors (excluding servers) because intel has already won the performance game, their chips are just as well designed, if not better than Intel’s.

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Intel vs AMD difference between the architectures of CPUs

AMD uses a “modified” version of intel architecture which means it now has more cores and sharing between them so they now have better performance than before. Intel’s ring architecture is more efficient than AMD’s current design making intel the better option when it comes to performance.

Intel vs AMD difference in market share

The reason intel has 80% of the market for CPUs is because their chips are just plain better, people who use any other brand besides Intel are probably doing so because they want a cheaper chip or because they need to run their servers. There is also an epeleptic (like myself) who knows how well designed intel’s chips are and just refuse to buy any other brand, we’re stubborn like that.

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Difference between Intel and AMD for gaming

AMD has a couple models in it’s radeon series that can outperform a comparable intel chipset in certain games with graphics intense modded settings, every other game intel will be more than enough for you to enjoy yourself.

Intel has better drivers and how they handle processes means they get higher frames per second on average over AMD which is more beneficial for competitive play in FPS games.

What you should buy depends on your budget and what you plan to do with it, if you want the best possible CPU for gaming go with intel’s i5 or i7 chips but if you can afford an amd CPU go for their radeon series which has better performance than anything intel makes when it comes to graphics benchmarks.

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So Which One is The Best?

AMD Has Better Graphics Performance For Gaming Intel Is The Best Choice When It Comes To CPUs And Also Does Better Than AMD At Mining Other Crypto Currency Such As Litecoin Or Dogecoin Without Overheating. So Pick The One That Suits You With More Consideration Going To Price If You Are On A Budget.


Intel and AMD both make great processors but intel has won the performance crown, if you are buying for gaming then go with intel, otherwise if you are more concerned by price consider an amd radeon series.

The difference between intels ring architecture and amd’s module based design is that they are fundamentally different in how they approach multiprocessing.

Intel’s design is more efficient and allows for multi-chip modules which means you buy a single cpu socket motherboard and can add a second cpu later by simply installing another chip on the same board. This makes adding a second cpu an upgrade instead of requiring a new motherboard with support for more cores. AMD’s design forces all cores to communicate through a centralized hub which makes adding a second cpu a headache because you have to make sure it’s the same model as the first one and they need to be plugged into the motherboard in a specific way.

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