A best cheap gaming monitor is kind of a challenge for many people and it actually isn’t that big of a deal for us. So as you’re looking for a low-cost gaming experience, we thought let us guide you through this in our own way. The good news is that during the research, we have found some of the best monitors with a low-end price tag and you are probably going to love them. The main focus here is to not only give you the monitors that are new on the market but also some of the best options that might be a few years old but they still are the powerful cheap gaming laptops on the market.

Apart from that, you’re not going to have some boring monitor on your table just because they have a low price. The monitor that we tracked down comes with acceptable resolutions, refresh rate, response time, and modern technologies which help in giving you the smooth and tearing-free display quality. Whereas, they also look beautiful from the outside just because of their ergonomics. Moreover, the list that I have contains the different types of cheap monitors including the curved, 4k, 2k, 1080p, and monitors with different sizes and they’re just awesome. Let me introduce these best cheap gaming monitors in 2022 to you. What do you say? After that, I’ll discuss some other things which are important for you to know in order to have a better understanding of why the monitors on the list are the best.

Best Cheap Gaming Monitors 2022

  1. Asus VP228HE – Best 1080P Cheap Gaming Monitor
  2. ViewSonic VA2719-SMH – Best Widescreen Cheap Gaming Monitor
  3. BenQ Zowie RL2455 – Best 24-inch Cheap Gaming Monitor
  4. Sceptre C248B-144RN – Best curved Cheap Gaming Monitor
  5. AOC C27G1 – Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Under $200
  6. Viotek GFT27DB – Best Cheap 1440p Gaming Monitor
  7. LG 27UL500-W – Best HDR10 Cheap Gaming Monitor
  8. Acer Nitro VG271 – Best 144Hz Cheap Gaming Monitor

Your Main Concerns Regarding the Cheap Gaming Monitors

What is the cheapest 4k gaming monitor?

No matter what a gaming monitor offers or ow big you go on the size of the monitor, if the resolutions are low, it’s obviously going to hurt your feelings. However, the 4k gaming monitors are the best ones for a crystal clear image quality. But the real question is that are the 4k gaming monitors cheap? Yes, some of them are but they’re weak on other features. Whereas, some are better at refresh rate, response time, and some other specs but they’re weak on the resolution. So the dilemma kicks in here which is choosing the cheap 4k monitor or cheap low resolutions monitor. The answer is simple, you don’t have to go too low on the resolutions. A cheap 1080P gaming monitor would be much better which also has the acceptable features. On the other hand, the 4k monitor might not offer the ideal features if you’re looking for a low price purchase. Hence a cheap 1080P gaming monitor wins.

Is 60Hz Good For Gaming?

That’s a real problem here that people face most of the times. Some graphics complex games requires a graphics card with the highest frames per second(fps) which kind of difficult for 60Hz gaming monitor to hand. For example, if a gaming monitor refreshes itself 60 times a second and the game is delivering more FPS like 90 – 120 frames per second, you’re going to face the issue of stuttering and tearing of your screen all the time. So make sure your games FPS is matching the 60Hz refresh rate and everything will be fine. On the other hand, the higher refresh rate of 144Hz and 240Hz synchronizes perfectly with the higher FPS and yes the best 240hz monitors are the best.

Is 5ms good for gaming?

It isn’t actually a big problem if you’re a play games causally. In fact, a 5ms response time is much better for a cheap gaming monitor. However, if you need to reduce the response time, for that you would actually need a more budget which probably is going to put a hole in your pocket. But as you’re mainly focused on a cheap gaming monitor, the 5ms refresh rate is going to work for casual games and the laggy performance isn’t an option left for screens with low-end price tag.

Which is better LED or LCD monitor?

Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Reviews 2022

1. Asus VP228HE

Asus VP228HE

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Sometimes people assume that both of these display types are the same which clearly isn’t due to some reasons. The main difference between LED and LCD is the backlit. The LCD comes along with the fluorescent backlights and the LED monitors is based upon the light-emitting diodes which are better than the fluorescent and gives you the finest picture quality. So the LED monitors are better than the LCD monitors.

Hands down, the Asus VP228HE costs lower than $100 but offers the awesome features that makes the display run smoother and stuttering free on 1080P resolutions. The design has nothing fancy to it but rather, it’s decent looking screen available on the market for people who have stepped in the gaming career. Apart from that, the response time of 1ms wasn’t expected from such best cheap 1080p gaming monitor and thanks to Asus that they did a great job for us even on a budget gaming monitor which is holding low-end price tag. On the other hand, the 60 hertz refresh rate might not be digestible for the professional gaming enthusiast but again, it’s the best choice for entry-levels. Moreover, the size of Asus VP228HE is reasonable, holding on 20-inches alongside the lightweight of 11.68 pounds. Whereas, the VGA and HDMI connectivity options opens up the doors for almost any PC. My recommendation would be to use the monitor for less graphics complex and the professional gamers should aim for an expensive gaming monitor rather than just putting your hands on the Asus VP228HE.

  • Vibrant display.
  • ergonomic.
  • Adjustable.
  • Feature rich.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Thick screen bezels.

2. ViewSonic VA2719-SMH

ViewSonic VA2719-SMH

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The newest ViewSonic VA2719-SMH crushes many cheap gaming monitors with its design and features and what I love the most about this monitor is its wider nature of 27-inch and secondly, it gives you the resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels. On top of that, it’s complimented with the IPS panel which is unlike most of the monitors under the price tag of $200. Unfortunately, the refresh rate is 60Hz but as always, it’s good for casual games. Whereas, the response time of 5ms has become a kind of a tradition for cheap wide monitors and it isn’t bad for people who have just started with gaming. Furthermore, here you have two options for connectivity, you can either connect your PC With this monitor via VGA and if that’s not what you like, use the HDMI connectivity option. As for the screen, it’s surrounded by thin bezels with the ViewSonic logo on the from and an adjustable stand that holds the display in a best way possible.

  • Fabulous performance.
  • Crisp and clear.
  • No blurry effects.
  • All modern technologies.
  • Decent looks.
  • Low refresh rate.

3. BenQ Zowie RL2455

BenQ Zowie RL2455

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Most of the cheap gaming monitors that we reviewed on the list are standing at the refresh rate of 60Hz but the BenQ Zowie RL2455 one step ahead with the refresh rate of 75Hz which is of great help on entry-level and medium-level games. You know what’s another about the BenQ Zowie RL2455, unlike most of the monitors on this list, this monitor responds much quicker, basically within 1ms. The resolutions can’t be any better than the 1920x1080P for a cheap monitor and BenQ Zowie RL2455 joins that same category. Luckily, the monitor is standing at 24-inch screen size. Whereas, the weight of 9 pounds makes it one of lightest gaming monitors on the market. You can see it’s even lighter than the Asus VP228HE which is 20-inch monitor on the list. Moreover, the Flicker free technology is another feature added here which is of great help for the eye-sight protection. Shortly concluded, the BenQ Zowie RL2455 can run almost anything as long as it isn’t graphics complex on a higher level.

  • Low input lag.
  • Powered with awesome features.
  • Good response time.
  • More connectivity options.
  • Stunning design.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Not found.

4. Sceptre C248B-144RN

Sceptre C248B-144RN

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Finally, we have a best cheap curved gaming monitor that actually makes a great difference with it’s 144Hz refresh rate and the display of 1080P. Just making it clear now, there’s no need to think over finding any other monitor that holds a low-end price tag, as the Sceptre C248B-144RN is the one and only, holding a price of under $200. Anyway, let’s proceed to the review. This is one of the outrageous display having the size of 24-inch alongside the curvature of 1800R. Apart from that, the responds pretty fast, usually, within a second. Supported by AMD FreeSync, the C248B-144RN shows no mercy for the stuttering and tearing of the display. Moreover, there is a DisplayPort alongside the HDMI port that enables the easy connectivity. The screen is LED which mean that you are going to have a better image quality as compare to the LCD monitors.

  • Fast response time.
  • Vibrant picture quality.
  • Awesome design.
  • Low input lag.
  • Offers great features.
  • No height adjustment.

5. AOC C27G1


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Released recently, got viral instantly, the AOC C27G1 is one of the famous and best 144Hz gaming monitors that comes under the budget of $200 with lots of good features to offer. The monitor is 1800R curved with the bezel less screen having 27-inch size and holds the weight of 13.66 pounds. On top of that, it has a low response time which is the most important feature for tearing and stuttering free monitor. Whereas, a 1920 x 1080P is common among the best cheap monitors and the AOC C27G1 enters that category with pride. Apart from everything, the monitor is no less in other technologies like AMD Free Sync, connectivity options like DP, HDMI, VGA, and VESA compatibility. The brightness of 250cd/m2 is a great level and I think anyone would prefer such brightness on a gaming monitor as it’s not that bright nor that dim.

  • Wider screen.
  • Good looking design.
  • Smooth image quality.
  • Awesome response time and refresh rate.
  • Adjustable.
  • Brightness isn’t that great.

6. Viotek GFT27DB

Viotek GFT27DB

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Hopping over to a this beast which is called the Viotek GFT27DB, claiming to be the best cheap 1440p gaming monitor and yes it is. The Bezels on the screen are almost un-noticeable surrounding the 27-inch screen. Whereas, equipped with the finest stand that isn’t that fancy but still looks amazing on the monitor. Apart from that, this best cheap 27 inch gaming monitor boasts the refresh rate of 144Hz and response time of 1ms. On top of that, it’s based upon the TN Panel which isn’t better than the IPS-panel but still Voitek added it on this cheap gaming monitor in order to meet the budget requirements of the users. Whereas, the synchronization technologies are also added to this beast in order to make things smooth. Connectivity options are DisplayPort, and HDMI which aren’t just included here for the sake of connecting your PC only but you can also use it for xBox One and Playstation 4 and 5. Other than that, the Viotek GFT27DB won’t hurt your feelings regarding the performance. In short, it’s counted as one of the best gaming monitors in 2022.

  • High resolutions.
  • Stunningly built.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Looks good.
  • LED panel.

7. LG 27UL500-W

LG 27UL500-W

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LG 27UL500-W is completely nailing it with its high-end features. So let’s get straight in to it. The 27UL500-W has always been the best cheap 4k monitor for gaming with the high-end refresh rate of 144Hz alongside the response time of 1ms which isn’t found on most of the cheap gaming monitors. Moreover, it comes along with the IPS panel having the screen size of 27 inches. Unlike other, this time we’re faced with the Radeon free sync technology on this beasty monitor alongside the HDR10 technology. Moreover, it stands at the minimum brightness of 240cd/m2 and the max brightness of 350cd/m2. On top of that, the monitor is slim and is not that heavy as it looks with the weight of 10.1 pounds. A long story short, the LG 27UL500-W is kind of a monitor that you won’t regret having.

  • Low end price tag.
  • Perfect color accuracy.
  • Sync technologies.
  • Low input lag.
  • No tilting option.

8. Acer Nitro VG271 Pbmiipx

Acer Nitro VG271

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The list end at the most awesome affordable gaming monitor, the Acer Nitro VG271 Pbmiipx is a good looking slim monitor with an eye-catching design and most importantly, this monitor is going to look amazing on your gaming setup. Not only that, the monitor is going to give you your desired performance as it’s better in all aspects. Starting from the refresh rate which is 144Hz, response time of 1ms, 1920x1080P resolutions, and the story ends at the 2 speakers that bursts out the good quality sounds so that you can enjoy your gameplays. Moreover, there are plenty of ports here including the 2 HDMI 2.0 and 1 x DisplayPort. Whereas, the aspect ratio of 16:9 is something that we have found on most of the gaming monitors over and over again and the Acer Nitro VG271 has that too. Shortly enough, the Acer Nitro VG271 is monster monitor that you can get under $300 and it’ll always deliver the best performance.

  • Appealing ergonomics.
  • Quick response time.
  • Acceptable resolutions.
  • Low input lag.
  • You can’t tilt the monitor.


These were some of the best cheap gaming monitors that we cherry picked from hundreds of gaming monitors and reviewed them for you in our own way. The list starts from the cheapest yet a better gaming monitor and ends with the most powerful screen. On the other hand, these monitors have beautiful designs which is great. we did our job the best way possible and now it’s your time to share your thoughts with us. Also, if you have any new ideas that you want to share with us, you’re more than welcome to our site and we’ll always respond back in the best way possible. You can also use our comment box to appreciate our content. Your feedback is much appreciated. peace.

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