Well, you know what are the uses of Android tablets, and you got one gifted by a friend on your birthday. Right?

Here you go, learn it with me in this brief guide. It would lead you with setup of mind about the android tablets. Its uses and evolution of the business industries you probably never realized…

In this growing world of tech, android tablets are a great source of entertainment, education, and value addition for businesses, such as the restaurant industry. Every other child carries a tablet and spends their free time or their playing time on the tablet.

11 Amazing Uses Of Android Tablets

The uses of android tablets are not limited only to entertainment or gaming. As the big industries and businesses are now including em for working efficiently and progressively.

These changing trends of the world have made them even more popular. Even schools now also include android tablets to teach students. Students do not carry notebooks instead they work on android tablets.

From school to home and workplace, everywhere it is needed as the workload or creativity becomes effective when you have the tools to perform. Every single industry around is practicing working on it as they found them progressive. Taking notes or order is easy to record now with the help of them

1. Second Screen

use of android tablet as Second Screen

Your tablet is coming with all the features you need in a display screen. You can attach it to your smartphone, PC, and laptop for a second screen.

It is sometimes really helpful and useful in some cases. Especially when you are doing something productive and progressive and you require extra space for extra tabs open on the browser.

2. Use As Remote Controller

Use of android tablet as remote controller

Android tablets are coming with all the specs you want to bend according to your needs. You can control all your other electronics remotely with its help. All of them are supported by the play store to provide the required apps. Install the desired app and control electronics remotely.

3. Use In Operational Activities

use of tablets in operational activities

That is exactly correct. A tablet will enhance your operations and will be more effective at any given period. That is the reason most of the big operating industries included an android tablet in their tools and equipment.

It is effectively progressive. Large firms with heavy and simultaneous operations are in dire need of such tech. They could minimize their workload and gives cutting-edge super fast operational experience.

4. Use As Digital Image Frame With Alarm

use of android tablet as digital frame and alarm

When you are not working on your device. You can install apps that could give you other sweet functions on your android tablet. It could be transformed into a picture frame with a slide show.

All your pictures and memories would come up on the screen. Besides the image frame, the unit could also perform as a digital watch and you can set an alarm on it when sleeping.

5. Use Of Android Tablets As A Phone

use of android tablet as phone

There are kinds of tablets that are coming with a sim card slot. Yes, a cellular one that would get you connectivity with the network.

It gives the liberty to use it as a phone. Sounds cool? It happens, your smartphone drains battery juice during busy hours of the day or even during night shifts for those who work at night like airline professionals or media workers.

In such a situation your android tablet could be used as a second phone to get you connected with your friends and family. Just put in the sim card or connect it with wifi and enjoy it.

6. Use Of Android Tablets As Wifi

Use Of Android Tablets As Wifi

The tablets coming with the sim card slot could do more than a phone. Imagine your wifi device is messed up and you need the internet badly.

Don’t get frustrated…!

The android tablets with the sim card slot and advanced android OS could support you. Put the hotspot on and make it an internet hub. Connect other devices through WLAN and have the fun of wireless connectivity.

7. Co-Pilot And Car Radio/Entertainer

Co-Pilot And Car Radio

Now connect the Android tablet with the car-operating system to control the ride. With the help of the GPRS tracker and map app, you got a co-pilot to help you in driving to your destinations. Also, enjoy the entertainment of making it radio or a screen to watch videos.

8. Notes Taking In A Meeting On Android Tablet

Notes Taking In A Meeting On Android Tablet

Rushing to a meeting? Could you not find a pen and a notebook? Don’t even have a clue what to do in such a situation?

Calm down! android tablets are doing everything for you. Get the device and do what you require. Record or take notes for utilizing in the future.

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9. Use Of Android Tablets In Fast-Moving Industries

Use Of Android Tablets In Fast-Moving Industries

Large industries like aviation and catering services are happy to adopt android tablets as their working fellow. The usage in large industries is not limited to catering or supply.

Some of the uses of android tablets are not limited to patients management, flight schedule management, passenger management, employee management, vehicle management in transport companies, and stock management.

10. Android Tablet In Restaurant

Android Tablet In Restaurant

These days, it is not surprising to see a waiter carrying an android tablet along and taking orders on it. It helps to make their work so much more efficient and error-free.

So, why not? 

Think if you have to pen down a long list of items and their quantities, whereas, on the other hand, you just have to select the item from the tab and just perform a few clicks, and the order has been recorded. Which will be more effective?

11. Creativity And Progress With Android Tablets

Progress With Android Tablets

Android tablets coming with stylus pens are so creative. You can draw or sketch whatever you want on its surface like you are working on a paper. Kids love to play with electronics and tablets are a good substitute for your smartphone.

As android tablets are low cost as compared to smartphones and efficient. And kids of our times are more into tech. Creativity and progress could be visible with it.

Using My Tablet To Control My Desktop PC


Not limited to the uses shared above as android tablets are your pet’s best friend, and could be your stress reliever in some cases. It should be clear that the options vary with the requirement and you can mold your tablet to anything you want. From school to home and home to business in every aspect, the android tablet could be used for efficient work progress, entertainment, and as a helping hand.

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