Apple smartwatch is a superb choice for smartwatch lovers. It allows you to do multiple things right from tracking your health and purchasing things online to answering messages and setting up alarms.

The rapid technological advancement in the last few decades has opened up many possibilities to transform the wristwatch into a useful device that is capable of doing a lot more than time tracking.

Here are some coolest things that Apple Watch can do. Let’s take a look at the best things you can do with your Smartwatch.

Amazing Things Your Apple Smart Watch Can Do

Pay for Stuff

Yes, you pay online securely via pre-integrated Apple Pay or Google Pay using your Apple Smartwatch. With a simple tap on a touch-optimized panel, you can easily pay the amount for your goodies. So there is no need to take your wallet with you each time you go shopping.

Control Your Home

Apple Watch allows you to control your entire home and smart appliances remotely. Tweak settings as per your requirement and preferences, and you are all set to go. Control your smart lights, security cameras, smart locks, and smart thermostats easily by downloading the manufacturer’s application on your Apple Watch. By installing these applications, you can easily turn your tech on and off, set timers, and adjust the settings.

Follow Direction

You don’t have to carry a road map to get around; just download Apple Maps or Google Maps to confidently navigate your surroundings. Set up your current and destination locations and drive safely. Locate nearby restaurants, hotels, gyms, hospitals, or yoga centers in a single tap.

If you are finding any difficulty in connecting your Mac to Apple Watch, you may need to optimize the device so that it performs optimally. To clean a MacBook and improve its performance, make sure to use some of the best mac cleaner app tools that are currently available.

Track Your Fitness

If you are a fitness freak, then Apple Watch is one of the smart options for you. You can easily maintain and track your health records and assess your performance over time. There is an inbuilt fitness tracker you will get in the Apple smartwatch that also helps to track your fitness.

Listen to Your Favourite Playlist

Listen to your favorite soundtracks or enjoy instrumental music while you are following your fitness regime or shopping online. To enjoy a music track, you just need to download your selected music application, then pair it with your watch, sync it with your wireless headphones and click the Play button.

Manage Calls and Messages

Apple smartwatches are easily accessible, so it is very much easy to handle calls or messages with your Smartwatch. Based on your device, you can perform various tasks such as switch calls from watch to phone, send a voicemail to others, or listen to voicemail. You can also send a voice message by speaking it, tapping, and then sending it across to the contact.

Locate Your Phone

In any situation, if you are not getting your phone near you, find it using your Apple smartwatch. One of the great things about your Apple Smartwatch is that it helps to track your phone and other digital devices. To get this facility, you need to connect your iPhone with your Apple Watch. Give a command to your smartwatch, and it will ring your phone at full volume.

Hail a Ride

You can hire a taxi for your next trip without using your smartphone as you can do it from your smartwatch. Open the Apple Watch app and tap on the Request a Ride button, and you can see the complete information about the driver, estimated arrival time, and more. With a cellular connection, you don’t even require your iPhone nearby.

Take a Perfect Picture

Clicking images from your smartphone is convenient. However, on spotting a beautiful site while on the go, but by the time you take your phone out, the entire landscape changes. With your Apple Watch, you can click the image if it is connected to your iPhone. It helps to line up a perfect shot through your phone just by tapping on the watch.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still take plenty of great snaps that will come out in high quality. It might take a few tries, but you will get the hang of it sooner rather than later.


A lot of benefits come complimentary with your Apple Watch. It is an ultimate device that gives you all-inclusive convenience whether you are after fitness tracking, GPA tracking, heart rate monitoring, time tracking, or anything else. Not just it adds a style statement to your personality, but it makes you more organized than ever. For optimal performance, make sure to update Apple Watch OS regularly and keep it in the best shape.

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